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Strain Dining Table


Strain Dining Table

One of the newest additions to the collection is a line of tables with typical Strain base. Interweaving steel tubes make an elegant base to a thin looking table top made with Fenix NTM finishing, either in MDF with lacquered edges. The table comes in various sizes and can fit different types of chairs.

Manufactured by Prostoria


80 W x 80 L x 73 cm H

100 W x 100 L x 73 cm H

200 W x 100 L x 73 cm H

240 W x 100 L x 73 cm H

280 W x 100 L x 73 cm H

110cm ø x 73 cm H


Table top in MDF + Fenix NTM Coating. Table Base in RAL coated Metal


Table Top

White, Light Grey, Beige, Dark Grey or Black, White, White-Grey, Design Grey, Light Grey, Beige, Anthracite Grey, Dark Grey, Black-Grey or Black

Table Base

Yellow, Red, Green, Blue