Eon Pendant Linear

Eon Pendant Linear

EON - A line with system

On its own, E O N is clean and linear. Attach one, or more – create endless combinations. E O N is a lighting system which allows multiple shapes and angles – squares, rectangles, zig-zags.

Manufactured by KAIA, Handcrafted in Vienna


All components of the E O N lighting system are solid brass. The brass is polished and then nickel plated. Lastly, the components are assembled to a system whatever required. Polished nickel with transparent cable

  • Suspension 100 Set - 110 x 10cm (ceiling rose square 7x7x2.5)
  • Suspension 50 Set - 60x10 cm (ceiling rose square 7x7x2.5)
  • Suspension 100 Set 2 - 211x10 cm (ceiling rose square 7x7x2.5)
  • Suspension 100 Set 3 - 312x10 cm (ceiling rose square 7x7x2.5)
  • Suspension 100 Set 2 - 216x10 cm (ceiling rose square 7x7x2.5)
  • Suspension 100 Square - 110x110cm (ceiling rose square7x7x2.5cm)
  • Suspension 50 Square - 60x60cm (ceiling rose square7x7x2.5cm
  • Suspension 100/50 Square - 110x110 // 60x60cm (ceiling rose square7x7x2.5cm)
Globe Information
Linear opal LED S14s, 16.5W, 2700 K, dimmable, 1000 lm
Lead Time 12-16 Weeks


Download EON Pendant Specification

This item is currently on backorder.
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