Oblikant Chair


Oblikant Chair

This derivation of Oblique family, regardless to the difference in technology and typology from its upholstered siblings, retains the characteristic S shaped profile of the chair. Strong curvature of the shell provides good ergonomics which is further highlighted by the elasticity obtained from this geometry. The shell is made of 2D moulded plywood, combined with 6 versions of steel legs of which 5 are stackable, and one solid wood base.

Manufactured by Prostoria

Designed by Numen For Use, 2018


49 W x 52 D x 91 H x 46 cm SH


Lacquered Bent Plywood Shell. Lacquered Solid Wood Legs.

Leg Finish

Light Oak, Natural Oak or Natural Ash

Shell Finish

Red, Blue, Green, Grey-White, Grey, Anthracite Grey, Black