In The Sun Pendant

In The Sun Pendant

As part of the renovation of the Pavillion Dufour at the Chateau de Versailles, Dominique Perrault and Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost came up with a homage to the Sun King. The " In The Sun " collection radiates festive hues of gold and silver in conjunction with softly cast shadows. The result is a very special atmosphere in the rooms they are used to light. Whether wall-mounted, as a ceiling lamp or hanging, the result is consistently magical.

Manufactured by DCW Editions, France

Designed by Dominique Perrault + Gaelle Lauriot-Prevost


Small: 19 Ø x 19.3 cm H (300cm Cord L)

Mediu: 27 Ø x 19.3 cm H (300cm Cord L)

Large: 38 Ø x 19.3 cm H (300cm Cord L)


Steel, Aluminium, Brass Mesh, Stainless Steel Mesh and Glass

Colour Variations

Gold Base Gold Mesh, Gold Base Silver Mesh, Silver Base Gold Mesh, Silver Base Silver Mesh or No Mesh 


E27 Globe

This item is currently on backorder.
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