Here Comes The Sun Pendant

Here Comes The Sun Pendant

Bertrand Balas, a Toulouse architect born in 1935, created the Here Comes the Sun luminaire in August 1970. At first glance, this original lamp resembles all so-called original lamps. But on, the Here Comes the Sun suspension is magical. The night becomes soft, and reassuring. Meanwhile, in the spring of 1969, the band The Beatles of the label Apple Records is not in great form. Tensions within the group are strong. Relations are icy. George Harrison then wrote Here comes the sun. After the winter, cold, ice it is good to feel the warmth of the sun's rays. The title comes out in 1970 a few days before the lamp of Bertrand Balas. At that moment, Bertrand Balas decided to change the name of his luminaire for fear of being attacked by the Beatles. The song and lighting by Bertrand Balas should have been released in concert! Come together ...

Manufactured by DCW Editions, France

Collection Here Comes the Sun


Mini:  Ø10 cm

Extra Small:  Ø17.5 cm

Small:  Ø25 cm

Medium: Ø35 cm


Colour options

Black with Copper, Black with White, White with Copper

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