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Sander Side Table
Sander Side Table
Sander Side Table


Sander Side Table

Swedish glassmaking tradition meets high tech in this exquisite side table, consisting of a handblown, conical base attached to a hardened glass top using ultraviolet cured adhesive

Sander’s cone base is mouth blown into a steel mold. When producing the first table a great deal of effort went into producing the mold and working with the glass blower, in order to get a consistent quality in the wall thickness of the cone.

Sander’s Top is made of a hardened furniture glass, which gives the table a nice mix of industrial glass and hand processed glass. The two parts connect at a thin neck, which was only possible by using a UV cured adhesive, actually stronger than the glass itself.

The table is named after Massproductions founder Magnus Elebäck’s son.

by Massproductions, Sweden


48cm Diameter x 40cmH