62 Desk

62 Desk

Designed in 1952 by Greta M. Grossman, but named the 62 Desk as it was deemed to be ten years ahead of its time. The 62 Desk appears characteristically light in weight and appears to defy gravity with its quirky asymmetric line and slender metal legs balancing on small wooden feet, a characteristic trait of its designer. Its exceptional shape is emphasised with the elegant pairing of materials. The desk is made in American walnut and provided with a deep, black full gloss finish on table top and cabinet door. The desk features one left cabinet comprising of two low drawers and one high drawer.

Manufactured by Gubi, Denmark

Designed by  Greta M. Grossman, 1952


American walnut and high gloss black laminate 


120cm W x 60cm D x 72cm H