Satellite Pendant

Satellite Pendant

The Satellite Pendant of two sizes is designed by Mathieu Matégot in 1953 with geometrical shapes and an organic shade to create outstanding sculptural aesthetics. The name, Satellite, was given by Matégot as a wink and tribute to the scientific progress in France in the years after the Second World War.

Manufactured by Gubi, Denmark

Designed by Mathieu Mategot, 1953


Medium: 21.8 Ø Lantern x 31.5 cm H (Top Hat 45 x 27 cm)

Large: 27.2 Ø Lantern x 38.4 cm H (Top Hat 57 x 36 cm)


Midnight Black, Rainy Grey, Shy Cherry, Venetian Gold or White Cloud


Perforated Metal Sheet