06 | Designer | Lisa Gorman

Having collaborated with In Good Company with her second series of Fluorescence in March 2023 and now on the back of her incredible exhibition Lisa Gorman x Mirka Mora, which is now on at Warrnambool Art Gallery until March 2024 we have partnered with her on her third series of works. A collection of 16 works are available to view in our Armadale showroom and on our website.


Born in Warrnambool,  Lisa Gorman is known for her vibrant and collaborative designs for one of Australia’s most recognisable fashion labels, Gorman, which she founded in 1999 before departing in 2021.

Following her departure, Lisa's visual art practice centres on her latest series of works entitled Fluorescence.  Writing of this work in 2023, Lisa stated, "my curiosity with the non-negotiable creation of a new and unknown colour when weaving inspired me to create these pieces. It's an experiment I’ve witnessed often when designing woven textiles and I was interested to take it into a new medium, with the added elements of translucency and light. 

The filtration of light through layers of colour, sliced up repeatedly by the intense neon ‘threads’ are the components that form this re fabricated cloth. However, the rigidity of the acrylic is somewhat reverted back to a cloth-like state with the appearance of colourful tartan projections around the space when light hits the work."


LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA: October 18th - March 17th

LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA: to breathe with the rhythm of the heart aligns the work of two pioneering and ground-breaking Australian artists whose practices traverse generations and medium; intersecting at two iconic moments in Australian art and fashion history. 
The exhibition in celebrates the artists shared love of colour, illusion, other worldliness, and experimental modes of production, while highlighting the pivotal role fashion and textiles played in their daily lives. The exhibition puts into dialogue select garments from the Gorman label's iconic 2016 and 2018 GORMAN X Mirka collaborations, together with rarely exhibited embroideries, beloved soft sculptures, and seldom before seen paintings directly from the Estate of Mirka Mora, alongside the unveiling of a large-scale, site-specific, sculptural installation by Lisa Gorman, drawing inspiration from the two fundamental components of weaving, the warp and weft.  
This exhibition is designed by Studio Bright, and includes works drawn from the Heide Museum of Modern Art, the Estate of Mirka Mora, and private collections. The exhibition will be supported by a limited-edition bespoke publication published by the Warrnambool Art Gallery.