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Uno, La Mela (Apple) Poster
Uno, La Mela (Apple) Poster

Danese Milano

Uno, La Mela (Apple) Poster

Enzo Mari’s work is characteristically recognized for his continuous research and experimentation of new shapes and products. Resulting in his work being a true contrast from the traditional mould of Industrial Design. This Poster from Danese Milano celebrates an iconic design from Enzo Mari. Uno La Mela, is part of Mari’s nature series from 1963. Each print in the series captures and element of nature, from animals such as Panthers and Geese to produce like Apples and Pears.

Manufactured by Danese Milano, Italy

Designed by Enzo Mari 


Framed (Tasmanian Solid Oak) 115 W x 115cm H

Unframed: 112 W x 112cm H


Dropjet Paper gr. 200, screen printed

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