Sheepskin Butterfly Lounge Chair

Sheepskin Butterfly Lounge Chair

Butterfly Chair or La Mariposa, was originally designed in Buenos Aires in 1938. It is also known as the BKF chair, named after its three creators Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari. Swedish based manufacturers Cuero Design are now producing this foldable chair in a luxurious Sheepskin finish. This chair is the ultimate design classic with superior comfort due to the enlarged proportions of this modern day version. A perfect chair for the home, hotel, restaurant or any other commercial project where comfort and style is essential.

The inviting sheepskin finish creates a lounge chair with outstanding comfort and warmth perfect for a cosy corner and those cold winter days. Made from resilient Icelandic sheepskin, where to this day farmers rear their sheep with methods established by centuries of tradition, the Icelandic breed relates back to the time of the Vikings and have been roaming free since 874.

Manufactured by Cuero


92cm W x87cm D x 86cm H


Black Base Only


Vegetable tanned Icelandic sheepskin. (Shorn or Wild Variations)

Black 1.2cm powder-coated steel frame (includes floor protectors for frame). 

Care and Maintenance

In order to maintain the plush texture of the sheepskin, it is recommended to occasionally remove the sheepskin seat and let it hang overnight in the fresh air, shake the seat and brush the wool carefully.