Ronde Pendant Small
Ronde Pendant Small
Ronde Pendant Small


Ronde Pendant Small

The Ronde Pendant is Oliver Schick's first product for Gubi. The bell-shaped piece has reference to the traditional pendant lamp and the heyday of 1970s lightning design; however, in a modern interpretation.

A unique detail is the opening on the top with an overhanging collar that reminds of a jar such as a vase or an amphora. The mainly downwards directed light from conventional pendant lamps does in this design also spread out of the spout-like opening and casts a smooth light gradient at the wire and ceiling. The hand-turned aluminum lamp shade with an ultra-matt lacquer almost makes it look as if it was made of ceramics.

Ronde is in several languages the word for round, circular or rotating but it is also the flat blank used for metal spinning technique, which is rotating around a mould core and shaped to a 3-dimensional body. 

Manufactured by Gubi, Denmark


Small: 20 Ø x 24 H x 500 cm Cord


Matt white, Rusty Red, Pigeon Grey, Anthracite or Charcoal Black


Powder coated matt metal