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Puro Solo
Puro Solo


Puro Solo

Puro is a boldly minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendant lights. Inspiration for the collection and its name come from the Spanish word for “cigar”, which also means “puro” and is a reference to the composition’s clean lines. The design creates an intriguing interplay between horizontal and vertical luminous cigar tubes levitating in space above simple bell lights. The diffused glow of the tubes combines with that of the bells to elicit a dynamic ambience, while the alternating gloss and matte finishes provide a degree of provocation.

Puro offers atmospheric room lighting as well as lighting for offices, hospitality interiors, boutiques, showrooms, and private dining areas.

Manufactured by Brokis

Designed by Lucie Koldová




Hand Blown Glass


Glass finishes and imperfections may vary in the glass as these are handmade

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