Leather Butterfly Lounge Chair

Leather Butterfly Lounge Chair

Imagine this classic in your home. You have seen it everywhere. Fashion magazines love it. Hotels want it. Museums admire it. This is the Leather Butterfly Chair you have been looking for. Italian leather is combined with Swedish steel to create state of the art interior decoration. The Butterfly Chair is made deep in the Swedish forests with a clear focus on quality and sustainability. Modern machines are used to cut and bend our steel while a human touch is required to carefully select the best leather. The environment will thank you for using this butterfly chair, as it is made of vegetable tanned leather and shipped in a flat package. It’s clear that Cuero Design is a place where nature meets art. The Cuero Butterfly lounge chair design is 30% larger than vintage butterfly chairs for supreme comfort. This Lounge Chair comes with an accompanying Leather Foot Stool.

Manufactured by Cuero


92cm W x87cm D x 86cm H


Black, Chocolate, Crude Nature, Oak, Polo


Premium 4mm Vegetable Tan Italian Leather. Metal Frame (Black Lacquered, Chrome or Galvanised Steel). Built in Floor Protectors.


Galvanised steel frame recommended for canvas frame and outdoor use