Farnsworth + Miller (F13) Photographic Poster

Farnsworth + Miller (F13) Photographic Poster

Farnsworth House remains one of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s most revered and recognisable projects. Having been photographed countless times in its 68 year history, never before has the atmosphere of its surrounds and the significance of its context been so engagingly portrayed. A rich and dense landscape of established forest creates a natural perimeter around the glass cube that defines the house, evoking a surreal presence that Swalwell’s works capture. The photographic collection transports the viewer and positions them within the frame to elevate the photographs to a new level of engagement.

Photography by Derek Swalwell, Melbourne
Framed Dimensions

150cm x 112.5cm - $2,650

100cm x 75cm - $1,500

60cm x 45cm - $495


All frames are hand finished natural Vic Ash timber frames with UV Grade Acrylic