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Disc Low Table Light with Rim

In Common With

Disc Low Table Light with Rim

Natural materials won’t always do what you want, but in the right hands, they can end up doing something better. Each shade is made-to-order and blown at Urban Glass, America’s first-ever and still-largest glass studio. Since Mother Nature is opinionated, no two are exactly the same.

Manufactured by In Common With, USA


  • Opaline / Cherry Rim
  • Opaline / Ruby Rim
  • Opaline / Pistachio Rim
  • Opaline / Black Rim
  • Cream / Ruby Red
  • Cream / Black Rim
  • Pistachio / Pistachio Rim
  • Pistachio / White Rim
  • Pistachio / Black Rim
Shade: 25cm Diameter 
Base: 8cm Diameter
Overall Height: 20cmH