Bird Chubby Figurine

Architect Made

Bird Chubby Figurine

The Bird series was designed in 1959 by Kristian Vedel. Since then, they’ve spread far and can be found in various living rooms and offices across the entire world.

The special thing about the Birds is that they’re very expressive: the body can be rotated so that the figurines can look either manly or womanly. Furthermore, the head can be rotated into various positions and make the Birds appear sad, happy, curious, thoughtful or excited - depending on how you feel or the mood you want around you.

The Birds are a family and are available in three different sizes: small, large and chubby.

Designed by Kristian Vedel

Manufactured by Architect Made, Denmark


Oak natural or oak smoked


Chubby: 10.5cmH

(Also available small and large)