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Biny Box Wall Lamp

DCW Editions

Biny Box Wall Lamp

Biny Box - When not used as part of a bed-head, the Box 1, 2, 3 wall lamps can be employed to provide ambient lighting as the main components of a room’s lighting. With their adjustable blinds throwing indirect light, the lamps combine a subtle play of light and shade with a warm and relaxing glow. Biny Boxes add to the intimacy and comfort of any room or corridor space.

Manufactured by DCW Editions, France


Steel and Aluminium


Body and Shades in Black and White


Box 1: 16.8 W x 10.2 D x 9.7 mm H

Box 2: 27 W x 10.2 D x 9.7 mm H

Box 3: 27 W x 12.8 D x 11 mm H