Aeron Chair

Herman Miller

Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron is the most well-known ergonomic office chair ever made. With good reason. Aeron was the first to replace upholstery with the breathable, form-fitting Pellicle suspension that adapts to virtually every body and keeps you cool and focused.

Conceived to conform not only to different human shapes and weights but also to movement, Aeron's breakthrough Kinemat® tilt enables the Aeron to smoothly move with the sitter from a forward tilt (when you reach for the phone) to a backward recline (while you contemplate what to say). The Pellicle® web upholstery is yet another innovation both in concept and comfort. It evenly distributes weight over the seat and back and permits air circulation. High performance, long-term seating, Aeron is built to last, and 94 percent recyclable at the end of its life. Which might well be after you retire. This original is an authentic, fully licensed product of Herman Miller, Inc.

Manufactured by Herman Miller, USA


Can be configured with a graphite frame, titanium frame and polished aluminium frame


Size A: 40cm seat depth, 40.6-52.1 seat height, 65.4cmW, 104.2cmH max, 48.3 seat width

Size B: 43.2cm seat depth, 40.6-52.1 seat height, 68.4cmW, 106.7cmH max, 51.4 seat width

Size C: 47cm seat depth, 40.6-52.1 seat height, 71.8cmW, 114.3cmH max, 55.1 seat width


This item is covered by a 12 year conditional warranty