2D Bar Stool Swivel Base
2D Bar Stool Swivel Base
2D Bar Stool Swivel Base


2D Bar Stool Swivel Base

The GUBI Bar Stool, designed by Komplot Design, was the first furniture design to be based on the innovative technique of moulding three-dimensional veneer. The 3D design gives the bar stool a comfortable seat and a sense of lightness – with all edges pointing away from the user. With the wide range of seating shells in veneer and in HiRek and numerous bases, the GUBI Bar Stool allows a unique and personal expression for both the private home or restaurant.

Manufactured by Gubi, Denmark

Designed by Komplt Design


Top: HireK,  Wooden Moulded Veneer, Upholstered Fabric or Leather

Base: Chrome Return Swivel Base and Foot Rest

High stool: 46cm W x 43cm D x 760 H x 75 cmSH

Low stool: 46cm W x 43cm D x 680 H x 65 cmSH


Hirek: Midnight Black, Mistletoe Green, Moon Grey, Nightfall Blue, Rainy Grey, Shy Cherry, Venetian Gold, White Cloud Top. 

Timber: Oak, Black Stained beech or American Walnut.

Upholstered: Optional upholstery options, please enquire for more information.