Intueri Light was created in 2012 by Krisztian Mecs and Jozsef Hegedus with help from the best local artisans. The goal with Intueri is to create high quality, original lamps using production methods of traditional manufacture. They think that the journey that leads to the finished product is important in its own right - the way they explore the possibilities of design improvement on the way to the end result. Their goal is for the clients to look at the lamps as a personal item. 

In latin, 'intueri' means "to see" in the sense of seeing more than meets the eye - that is, intuitive perception. They continually strive to imbue their light designs and their production process with this trait. The products are created through a modular design process with simple, timeless shapes, providing us with an endless palette of potential forms.

Only a small number of pieces are manufactured in order to ensure a great deal of exclusivity. Maximum quality is guaranteed, along with a compromise-free use of raw materials, by their years of experience in the field, an indispensable asset to our way of problem-solving.