GUBI - The Beetle + Bat Capsule Collection

GUBI has curated a new Capsule Collection of upholstery fabrics, materials and colour-ways to tell a coherent visual story that reveals new perspectives on the well-known Beetle & Bat design. The carefully curated Capsule Collection comprises 30 upholstery finishes in three coherent colour-ways, offering new breadth and depth to the Beetle and Bat Collections.


People seek tactile experiences to reconnect with real life, and quiet places to retreat to away from the daily digital buzz. The Capsule Collection gives inspiration to create living space with a quiet elegance. It balances organic and inviting shapes, neutral and comfortable colours and tactile and sensual materials, resulting in sophisticated harmony.


GamFratesi Studio was established in 2006 by the Danish architect Stine Gam and the Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. GamFratesi's design takes its creative cues from a fusion of tradition and renewal and an experimental approach to their chosen materials and techniques. With their diverse background, they draw on the classic Danish furniture and craft traditions as well as the timeless Italian intellectual and conceptual approach.

The Capsule Collection by GUBI Atelier offers an inspiring new perspective on the well-known Beetle and Bat designs, as well as playful ideas for customisation and new uses in different contexts whether that is in the home or in hospitality and professional settings.

GUBI Atelier sets the creative direction for GUBI, reflecting its perpetual forward momentum and constant desire to challenge the status quo. Working independently of trends to anticipate the evolving needs of its audiences, the GUBI Atelier creates a condensed version of GUBI’s creative vision and design philosophy.

Our showroom has the complete selection of the 30 fabrics to choose from if you would like to arrange a meeting with one of our sales team.